31 Essential Church Docs


Organize your church with 31 documents, spreadsheets, and templates.




Churches need passion, vision, mission, values, and leaders. But they also need systems, strategies, processes, and documents. In fact, getting organized might be one of the keys to actually accomplishing that mission. This digital download comes with 31 professionally created documents, spreadsheets, flowcharts or templates to help you organize and streamline church operations. You’ll find documents to help you with finances, follow up, planning, HR, and communications.


  1. 12 Emails You Can Send Your Church
  2. Annual Calendar
  3. Event Planning Checklist
  4. First Time Giver Letter
  5. Guest Speaker Confirmation
  6. Monthly Financial Report
  7. Series Planning Checklist
  8. Small Group Leader Application
  9. Social Media Policy
  10. Volunteer Job Description
  11. Weekly Review
  12. Year End Giving Letter
  13. The Pastor’s Toolbox
  14. Church Service Evaluation Form
  15. Ministry/Program Evaluation Form
  16. Special Event Evaluation Form
  17. Website Evaluation Form
  18. Complete Hiring System
  19. Announcement Framework
  20. Weekly Report Spreadsheet
  21. Worship Policies and Procedures
  22. Baptism Application
  23. New Member Covenant
  24. Cash Flow Planning Template
  25. Automated (Follow Up) Emails
  26. Communications Calendar
  27. Church Emergency Procedures
  28. Family Ministry Incident Report
  29. Giving Tracker (Spreadsheet)
  30. Worship Team Application
  31. Preaching Calendar (Spreadsheet)


  • Senior Pastors who want to be good stewards of their time, money and influence.
  • Executive pastors who want to streamline operations and help the church more efficiently operate.
  • Church leaders who want to improve their ministries and programs in order to reach more people.


You can use these documents “out of the box” to organize and streamline ministry at your church.  You can also save them on your computer for use when ready.

In a few cases, and where customization is key, you can use them as templates to create your own documents.


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