The Follow-Up Course


The Follow-Up Course is an online course that guides you through creating follow-up processes for three types of new people in your church: new guests, new givers, and new believers. At the end of this course, your church will walk away with three processes that are done, documented, and ready to be implemented.




Your follow up process is one of the most important processes in your church. The Follow Up Course will help you create, improve, and launch effective follow up processes for three groups of people in your church: first-time guests, new givers, and new believers. The teaching, tips, and template you receive during the course lays a solid foundation for every follow up process your church will need to create in the future.

A great follow up process needs clarity and intentionality, and this course gives you the tools to follow up effectively. In addition to the template you’ll use to map out your processes, The Follow Up Course also includes five in-depth training videos that walk you through the follow up framework:

  1. Lessons from the Business World
  2. The Connection Framework
  3. Following Up with Guests
  4. Following Up with Givers
  5. Following Up with New Believers
  6. Now What?

Each part of the course includes practical tips to apply to your church’s context and make following up simpler than ever.