Breaking 200


What would your church look like with 200 people engaged every week? If you’re struggling to lead your church to break the 200 barrier, you don’t need more vision, inspiration, or leadership lessons. You need a plan. The Breaking 200 Course is that plan. It has practical coaching and time-saving resources to help you lead your church to healthy growth.



Here's how the course works. First, we have 21 coaching videos. In these videos, there are seven modules of coaching – and you can work through them at your own pace. All the coaching is delivered on-demand and you can download and share the resources with your entire church. You'll have access for life. Second, we have interviews with real pastors. We built the course with you in mind, answering your questions and teaching on real issues from real pastors. But, we also recorded interviews with pastors who have led their churches through the issues you’re facing right now. Finally, we have 30+ documents and resources. In addition to the coaching, we will give you checklists, spreadsheets, forms, and documents. They are ready for you to customize and use right away. It's not just video coaching… it's a game plan for action.

The Topics We Cover:


  1. GET GUEST FRIENDLY: Expect to reach many more first time guests and have a proven plan in place to connect them to church. We will give you ideas, tools and strategies.
  2. THE RIGHT PEOPLE IN THE RIGHT SPOTS: You'll be able to stop managing everything and making all the decisions because qualified leaders will know exactly what to do. More leaders will be in place
  3. CLARIFY MISSION AND VISION: Get your church members excited about where the church is heading – there's nothing like it.
  4. QUALITY CHURCH SERVICES: Just a few simple (and free) changes to your Sunday morning service will help you reach more people and engage everyone who is attending.
  5. GET THE WORD OUT: We'll give you a strategy to promote and advertise your church and you'll know exactly how to lead your church to invite others.
  6. RECRUIT VOLUNTEERS AND LEADERS: Regular attenders will become volunteers, and you'll grow your volunteer base by 20% or more.


A Note from our Founder:

A few years ago, we moved to Atlanta to start a brand new church. We grew from a core group of 25 people to an opening day with 140. A year later, more than 700 were worshipping in one of three services at a portable location. God blessed the church and we learned so much along the way.

We learned how to plan engaging services, follow up with first time guests, raise money to fund ministry, serve the community, and reach people with the Gospel. It was not easy and I made a lot of mistakes along the way.

Over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to work personally with many churches, particularly churches who want to permanently break the 200 barrier. These churches had a calling, a vision for the future and a passion to preach the Gospel.  They didn't need more ideas…they needed a game plan.  I remember those feelings very well.

That’s one of the reasons we created this course. I sat across the table from a camera and shared everything I’ve learned about church growth – just like you and I were sitting in a coffee shop. Our team pulled together dozens of practical resources and forms – real resources like we used in our church to lead through this barrier.

The course is not a bunch of theory or busy work. And that's what makes it one of our most popular ones. I'd love to invite you to join us.

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